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Microfinance Solvency and COVID-19: A Call for Coordination

Experts spoke about what they're seeing in the microfinance sector and what might be done to ensure insolvency challenges do not interrupt the delivery of financial services to poor communities still reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

Gender Transformative Business Models: Opportunity to Action

How are gender transformative approaches good for business? This interactive virtual event, hosted by CGAP and IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, brought together leading global corporates, standout local businesses and high-level thought leaders...

Agents for Change: Four Ways Funders Can Support Rural CICO Networks

Development funders have a critical role in supporting the expansion of rural agent networks. This webinar highlighted four ways in which they can make an impact, using CGAP’s market systems approach to financial inclusion.

Informal Online Commerce: A digital market without the e-commerce platform

Emerging evidence from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar has revealed a form of digital commerce that runs in parallel to formal channels called informal online commerce. Driven primarily by women on both the seller and buyer end, it allows women to...

Unfinished Business: The Impacts of Small Business Finance 

Over the past decade, it has become increasingly clear that when an MSE leverages financing to turbocharge its growth and increase profitability, it is the exception, not the rule.

G2P social payments – Pathways to modernization

Cash transfers in the time of COVID-19 have been crucial in relieving vulnerable people from the adverse economic effects they face. Governments disburse social assistance payments through physical or digital channels, but the pandemic has created an...

Impact at Risk: Credit Risk Management in Asset Finance

From Sub-Saharan Africa to the Indian sub-continent, asset finance and leasing companies are doing innovative work to finance solar home systems, smartphones, motorbikes, and other critical assets. These companies provide credit to low-income and...

Is There a Business Case for Digital Financial Services for Women Farmers?

In 2018, the World Bank provided Technical Assistance to three Financial Service Providers to help them design and deliver digitally-enabled financial services to female farmers. In this webinar, experts shared insights on the customer research process, their challenges, and the results from these engagements.

Spotlight on Regulators: Open Banking and Financial Inclusion

Building on CGAP’s paper, Open Banking: How To Design for Financial Inclusion, this webinar featured regulators in Latin America and Africa who are implementing or planning to implement open banking regimes in emerging markets. A particular focus was...

Agent Network Journeys Towards the Last Mile: Lessons from China, Colombia, India, Indonesia and Kenya

CGAP and its partners conducted deep dive studies in five leading financial markets and presented findings from Kenya, Colombia, India, Indonesia and China.